First update for Fedora Developer Portal

First update of what? If you haven’t notice it yet, we announced a new developer portal for Fedora some time ago. Today I released a first update with some new contributions that landed on our GitHub after the announcement. So what’s new?

With the help of the Fedora community we were able to merge two new language sections: Haskell and Mono. That means we are already covering the basics for ~11 language runtimes and compilers!

Apart from that this is mainly bugfix release fixing many typos, but some improvements are merged as well. One of those changes is for example suggesting using libvirt’s Polkit rules instead of those shipped by vagrant-libvirt-doc sub-package when configuring password-less access to libvirt domains via Vagrant.

Some of the pending contributions did not make it for this release, but the next ones might happen more often. Big thank you goes to all our new contributors! And if you haven’t submitted anything yet, perhaps now’s the time :).

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  1. Hey Josef! Awesome update, glad to hear about the progress on the Developer Portal. You should consider copying this over to the Fedora Community Blog as well, I’m sure some people would love to hear an update about this too. :) Hop in #fedora-commops in Freenode and we can help get this on the CommBlog!

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