Notes to self

Notes to self.


Business Class 1.7: On the way to Rails 8

Here’s how Business Class 1.7 aligns itself with future Rails 8.

Running Thruster with Rails and Kamal

Thruster is a new zero config proxy from 37signals. Here’s how to add it to an existing Rails projects deployed with Kamal.

How I wrote Kamal Handbook in 5 weeks and sold 300+ copies at the same time

I unexpectedly wrote a second book. And I unexpectedly sold 300 copies while making it.

Business Class 1.6 with direct uploads, antispam, default avatars, and Kamal CD

Here’s the list of freshly baked updates for Business Class, a Rails starter template.

How to use private SSH keys with passwords in GitHub Actions

Most people opt for going with a passwordless key for their CI/CD pipeline, but what if you want to keep the password?