Why and how to start with the system Ruby modular packages

Modular packages fixes the biggest complain of a single system Ruby package by giving you more options. Let’s see how to install different Ruby versions from modular packages in Fedora, CentOS Stream or Rocky Linux.

How to change Visual Studio Code status bar color

Visual Studio Code comes with a distinct blue status bar. You can change it to fit your mood or programming environment. Here’s how to change it to Railsy red, Django green, and Elixir purple.

Simplest alternative IDs with Rails

Rails actions default on using record IDs. But what if we want to change the URL to something prettier, something that doesn’t leak the record ID in the database?

Reusing Rails test fixtures for db:seed

There are several reasons I like Rails’ fixtures for testing. One such reason is that modeling a small world gives you instant data for seeding your database.

Configuring Rails system tests for headless and headfull browsers

Want to run your system tests headless? And why not both ways? Here’s how to extend Rails tasks to run your system tests with the driver of your choice.