Notes to self

Business Class 1.1 released with Paddle Billing, an improved CRUD generator, and new pricing

The Rails SaaS boilerplate Business Class goes 1.1. Here’s what’s new.

Paddle Billing

The release of Business Class had an unfortunate timing since Paddle just recently announced all new offering called Paddle Billing. But it didn’t stop me. I worked hard last month and rewrote all functionality of Paddle Classic to Billing for this version of Business Class. The whole integration is also based on latest version of Pay and comes with an even larger set of tests.

Business Class is therefore now the very first Rails template supporting Paddle Billing.

Improved generator

Business Class originally shipped with a revamped Rails scaffold generator with automatic team scoping, but the new version takes it one step further. The generator can now automatically handle belongs_to associations and what’s more, will also generate tests for it!

As an example, let’s see we want to add a contact list directory for phone numbers:

$ bin/rails g crud PhoneContact title:string user:references number:string

This will now generate a complete CRUD interface for phone contacts scoped to a team. The form will automatically include a select box for users that too will be scoped to a team in the controller.

And the best part? It will come with fixtures that will reference an existing fixture you already have and a complete set of tests including controller and system tests.

It’s really fun to generate resources without writing a single line of code!

Sidekiq Scheduler

In most of my projects I need to schedule my Sidekiq workers at specific times, so I am now including a little setup for Sidekiq Scheduler that handles just that. The only thing required is to uncomment it in the Gemfile.

New pricing

I wanted to charge more agencies that would use Business Class to ship client projects. But I think I made the split wrong and complicated, so I am fixing it.

The Single plan now references a single developer or team, and gives you a license to ship unlimited projects for $219.

The Unlimited plan is renamed to Agency and lets anyone build unlimited projects for themselves and clients for $499.

So the question is, what will you build?

by Josef Strzibny