Notes to self

Business Class 1.2 with Rails 7.1, Tailwind, and GoodJob

Business Class 1.2 is here just in time for Black Friday.


The first big change is switching from Bulma to Tailwind. Bulma is not innovating and became extremely unpopular while latest Tailwind fixed some issues I had with it. Tailwind’s @apply allowed me to convert the base theme to Tailwind while also reducing the overall markup. You can still change the whole theme within a single file while having the flexibility to copy & pasting Tailwind components.


Times are shifting with the latest Rails World announcements of Solid Queue and GoodJob is the stable answer for Redis-free background job processing on PostgreSQL. New projects usually don’t require Sidekiq level of performance and might rather find useful GoodJob features, especially holding the job state in the database.

Rails 7.1

Business Class 1.2 was also updated to latest Rails minor release.


I am adjusting the free update policy. You’ll now get all BC updates that happen within one year of purchase, including new big versions.

Black Friday

Business Class is joining the Black Friday fever. You can get 60% off with this link.

Work with me

I have some availability for contract work. I can be your fractional CTO, a Ruby on Rails engineer, or consultant. Write me at