Notes to self

Business Class 1.3 with support for Stripe and an improved CRUD generator

Start your 2024 business on Business Class 1.3!


The major addition for this release is initial Stripe support.

You can start, cancel, and update payment details for Stripe subscriptions. Right now you can have both Paddle and Stripe subscriptions side by side, with one provider being the primary one people subscribe too. I also made the plans hard-coded as I think they don’t change often enough to warrant auto-fetching and caching. Simple is almost always better.

More is to come in future versions.

Admin CRUD

The team CRUD generator that can generate team-scoped resources now generates admin pages too. A simple CRUD was never easier. And while the generator will never reach the levels of sophistication of admin panels, it feels good to build your resources quickly out of the box.

To generate a fully-featured team resource, just replace the Rails scaffold (still available) with crud:

$ bin/rails g crud Todo name:string description:text

You even skip the team reference as it’s added automatically.

What’s next

There’s lot planned for Business Class for 2024 with Rails 8 approaching. You can also influence the roadmap! Just DM me your ideas and requests on Twitter.

Remember that if you buy a license today you’ll get 1 year of updates including any new major releases.

Work with me

I have some availability for contract work. I can be your fractional CTO, a Ruby on Rails engineer, or consultant. Write me at