Notes to self

Business Class 1.4 with SEO-optimized blogging

Business Class is developing at a rapid speed. The 1.4 version brings Framer-inspired blogging.

SEO-optimized blogging

The major addition for this release is a built-in blog. Everybody and my grandpa could use a blog when starting a business, but which one to choose? WordPress or Ghost? Wouldn’t it be expensive? How do I connect the DNS records? Managing access to two applications for your admins?

Sounds tedious – because it is. But not anymore.

Business Class now gives you a blog for free. A small blog like the one in Framer of Hey, but yours, connected with your application and entirely free. No more extra setup or costs!


These blogs come preconfigured for SEO. From slugs, title and meta tags to OG cover images built with ActiveStorage. You can also take advantage of the template admin access rights, and introduce pure writers for your new blog.

Pay 7.1 and plan upgrades

Business Class development started last year in February with Paddle Classic. And soon after its first release I had to write one of the first implementation of Paddle Billing. But since then Pay came with a Paddle Billing support and so it was a time to reduce some of that complexity.

Business Class 1.4 is based on Pay 7.1. Most of the template’s custom Paddle code could be removed, but I kept the status of future paused subscriptions as active, same as in Paddle Billing itself. These small details are important!

This release also finished my work on plan changes for both Stripe and Paddle, and cleaned up the code by introducing a specific SubscriptionsController. Things will become much better from now on.

What’s next

The next version will be pretty exciting. I plan to bring an effortless single-server Kamal deployment experience out-of-the-box. And as always, let me know what you want to see!

Work with me

I have some availability for contract work. I can be your fractional CTO, a Ruby on Rails engineer, or consultant. Write me at