Notes to self

Business Class 1.7: On the way to Rails 8

Here’s how Business Class 1.7 aligns itself with future Rails 8.

Rails 8 alignment

Rails 8 development only just started but Business Class 1.7 comes with most of distinguish Rails 8 defauls already:

  • Turbo 8
  • Solid Queue
  • Mission Control - Jobs
  • Thruster

Ruby was updated to 3.3.1 and Rails to the latest And let’s not forget Kamal is part of Business Class for some time now.

Improved DevExp

Developer experience was also improved in this release. Hash IDs are used by default for URLs so you don’t have to overthink exposure of your internal IDs. A default installation now comes with the new HotwireCombobox component that’s just ready to be used. Provisioning was updated to provision all servers from config/deploy.yml so if you add servers and rerun provisioning you’ll provision everything now. And CI was updated with Ruby vulnerability scanning.

Better admin UX

Avatars were added to teams and admin screens got some visual improvements:


New docs

I started to work on new docs. They are still work in progress but you can now see how easy it to start with Kamal.

What’s next

I have some ideas for future Business Class versions and I welcome your suggestions too! Check out Business Class and sign up for updates not to miss anything.

by Josef Strzibny