Fedora/CentOS RPMs for Otto project, Packer and Vault

Do you always think twice before downloading software that comes in a tar or zip file? Me too, I like to manage my software in easy and straightforward manner and that’s why I repackaged Otto, Packer and Vault in RPM format. If you are running Fedora, CentOS or RHEL 6 you can now use my Copr repositories for the mentioned software from HashiCorp.

Here are the Copr projects:

Installation instructions are mentioned in their descriptions, but it’s really nothing else than enabling the repository and using dnf install.

To get otto for example, you need to run:

$ sudo dnf copr enable jstribny/otto && sudo dnf install otto

That’s it, just a regular RPM package that you can manage with rpm and dnf commands.

Note that I still use the released binaries from HashiCorp. You can find the spec files here. Also note that I renamed packer command to packerio command to avoid conflicts on Fedora. Enjoy!


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