Getting Vagrant with libvirt support on Fedora 21

Some time ago we finished most of the work for Vagrant Fedora 22 feature. The Vagrant package is currently in the review process, but I maintain Copr repositories for both Fedora 21 and rawhide. Here is how to install Vagrant and vagrant-libvirt on Fedora 21.

Note: I already wrote about getting Vagrant on Fedora 20 .

To install Vagrant you can simply install the vagrant packages from my vagrant-f21 Copr repository. To add the Copr repository add the following file to your /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory:

$ cat /etc/yum.repos.d/vagrant.repo
name=Copr repo for vagrant-f21 owned by jstribny

Or simply enable the repo using dnf and copr-dnf plugin (coming with dnf-plugins-core):

$ sudo dnf copr enable jstribny/vagrant-f21

Afterwards you are ready to install and play with Vagrant:

$ sudo yum install vagrant-libvirt
$# using dnf
$ sudo dnf install vagrant-libvirt
$ vagrant
Usage: vagrant [options] <command>

You can of course just install Vagrant on its own without the libvirt plugin, but note that libvirt is now Vagrant’s default provider.

Now go start doing interesting stuff.


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