InvoicePrinter 1.1 “Cape Town” released

Tomorrow starts the famous African Ruby conference Rubyfuza in Cape Town and since I am attending I decided I will do a final 1.1 release of InvoicePrinter from South Africa just before everything begins. So here we are, this is a 1.1 “Cape Town” release.

1.1 brings important things to the table:

You can read the summary of the changes here and how to use the command line client here.

I would also like to say something regarding the version maintenance. Right now I am only supporting and fixing the latest released minor (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) which is now essentially this very release. So please upgrade and tell me if something is broken. Also note that MINOR versions don’t have API breaks, but can contain a subtle rendering difference. (This policies will likely change with version 2.)

So go on and give InvoicePrinter a try if you haven’t yet. Also feel free to ping me on Twitter if you are attending Rubyfuza.



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