Notes to self

InvoicePrinter 2.2 with breakdowns of items

A while ago, I released a new version of InvoicePrinter, my little library for generating PDF invoices. Here’s what’s new.

InvoicePrinter 2.2.0 brings a new free-form breakdown field, which can break down individual items in the table. Look at how that looks like:

Table items' breakdown

Handy for any notes as well!

Another new thing is the revamp of the totals table. It now aligns amounts to the right – so anybody can easily spot differences in the numbers:

Totals table

The final number is now in bold if a bold font-variant is present. The new support of bold fonts will allow us to make some other parts bold in the future, too (or let people choose).

Finally, a new variable_symbol field was also added. This one was a long time overdue.

The 2.2.0 release also fixes two small bugs. You can see the complete changelog by opening the release or browsing the closed milestone.

by Josef Strzibny