Notes to self

InvoicePrinter 2.3 with Prawn 2.4 and Ruby 3.1

This past weekend I released a new version of InvoicePrinter, my Ruby library for generating PDF invoices. Here’s what’s new.

New features

First of all, InvoicePrinter dependencies got updated for Prawn 2.4 and to support Ruby 3.1.

Remember that if you cannot use a particular version on your project, you can run InvoicePrinter as a server.

Secondly, I finally added the description field for describing table items or the invoice as a whole:

New description field

This should help you to include anything that needs to be a bit more visible than the note field at the bottom.

Improvements and fixes

Vít Ondruch submitted two pull requests. One for limiting the stamp size and second to fix the wrapping of purchaser lines in cases when long lines are passed. I then applied the same treatment to provider lines as well.

This makes 10 total contributors so far and we also crossed 800 stars on GitHub.

The 2.2.0 release also fixes two small bugs. You can see the complete changelog by opening the release notes.

by Josef Strzibny