Notes to self

A very first update to Kamal Handbook

Kamal Handbook gets updated for Kamal 1.7.3

Kamal 1.7.3

Kamal Handbook was released 3 months ago just, around the time of Kamal 1.4, but Kamal improves fast and so I made an update targeting the latest Kamal 1.7.3.

Here are some of the required of the changes for the 1st edition:

  • Kamal’s removal of healthcheck containers and introduction of the web barrier
  • new servers tagging to provide specific env vars
  • new grepping options for logs
  • new default of building from git HEAD

I also improved the handbook here and there with:

  • a new healthcheck section
  • mention of publishing more ports for accessories
  • improved provisioning

This free update was already delivered to everyone who bought Kamal Handbook in the past and available together with the original version.

What’s next

It looks like Kamal 2 is not that far off, so it’s possible this might also be the last update of the 1st edition. The second edition of the book will target Kamal 2 changes.

by Josef Strzibny