8 + 1 things to get you started with the Elixir's interactive shell (IEx)

Are you coming to Elixir from another language with an interactive shell? There are a few specific things about Elixir’s interactive shell (IEx) to keep an eye on and make ourselves more efficient. Here they are.

How to test static sites with RSpec, Capybara, and Webkit

Automated tests are not only good for dynamic code. You can (and probably should) test your static web sites as well. Here is an example of me testing the Fedora Developer website using Ruby, RSpec and Capybara.

Running Docker in Fedora 31

Fedora is a forward-thinking distribution and with the progress happening to Podman Fedora 31 switched to CGroupsV2.

How I reached 200 subscribers for my upcoming book

This post is about a journey from 0 to 200 e-mail subscribers for my upcoming book. As I always enjoyed similar posts by fellow authors and indie hackers, I decided I will document my journey to writing, publishing, and promoting my first book.

How I use Sublime Text 3 for publishing my Jekyll-based blog

Recently I migrated this very blog from WordPress to Jekyll. One question that inherently follows is how do I write my posts now? Of course, any Markdown editor would do, but I was quite happy to find out there is a Jekyll plugin for my favorite editor Sublime Text that easy the publication.