Migrating WordPress blog to Jekyll

This year I migrated my blog from the famous WordPress blogging platform to Jekyll static site generator. The main reasons were the handling of code snippets, simplicity, and security. I think that WordPress is fine, but my own time with WordPress is certainly up.

Installing Ruby with ruby-build and ruby-install

When you need a unified way to install CRuby and alternative Ruby implementations these days, it comes down to ruby-build and ruby-install. Is there a difference?

Solving QEMU bridge helper "no such device" for virbr0

If you are running Vagrant on Fedora 32 or tried to spin up a virtual machine in another way, you might have encountered an annoying complaint about qemu-bridge-helper utility not finding virbr0.

Elixir macros return AST

Macros are a powerfull part of the Elixir language and projects such as Absinth would not even be possible without them. To start writing your macros in Elixir one has to understand one simple thing. Macro functions have to return a partial abstract syntax tree.

Soft dependencies in Elixir projects

How to support soft dependencies in Elixir libraries to provide optional features without any dependency baggage?