Keeping secrets on Linux with Password Safe

How do you keep your secrets safe on Linux? Should you just go with an online service? What if you prefer an offline option with the possibility of online backups? GNOME’s Password Safe lets you neatly organize your secrets offline with a simple Keepass file to backup.

Privacy-oriented alternatives to Google Analytics for 2020

Google Analytics is perhaps the analytics platform of our time. But should it be? It’s many features and the free plan is what made it popular, but its invasion of user privacy should not be overlooked. Here are some good alternatives for 2020.

Implementing a custom ExUnit assert to test PDF output

Making a custom assert can clean up and DRY your tests. Here is how I refactored a few ExUnit tests to use a single assert to test PDF output.

Ecto embeds have IDs by default

When you use Ecto’s embeds_one to embed another schema backed by JSONB, Ecto will assign an ID and complain if you try to replace this embeded record without it.

Converting snake_case keys to camelCase in Elixir

Converting a snake_case map keys to camelCase is a pretty common task in the snake-case-style languages working with the JavaScript frontend. Here are the basics in understanding how you can convert maps to camelCase style in Elixir.