PDF invoicing for any project with InvoicePrinter Server

Next release of InvoicePrinter will include a server with JSON API. That means you will be able to create simple and beautiful PDF invoices in seconds from any tech stack.

Implementing a basic debug mode for your Ruby CLI

We should all strive to handle all possible errors in our programs and display nice error messages to the users, but one can hardly be sure that nothing will ever go wrong. That’s why I believe we should try to embed a debug mode that users can take advantage of when submitting the issue or solving the problem. Luckily this is very simple thing to do.

Conditional unique indexes in Rails and PostgreSQL

This is a simple example of adding a conditional and partial unique index to Rails applications backed by PostgreSQL.

InvoicePrinter 1.1 “Cape Town” released

Tomorrow starts the famous African Ruby conference Rubyfuza in Cape Town and since I am attending I decided I will do a final 1.1 release of InvoicePrinter from South Africa just before everything begins. So here we are, this is a 1.1 “Cape Town” release.

Do not run Rails with pending migrations

Database migrations are the tricky part of any deployment. They make zero-time deploys problematic. They requires special attention since they can break stuff. Some might choose to run migrations automatically, some of us run them manually. But one thing is almost always true; the production code without migrations should not ever run. So how not to run your code without doing migrations first?