Reflections on my 24h startup challenge

I completed a first startup challenge I set for myself. 24 hours and 30 days to build an MVP and find people to try it. How it went and what’s next?

InvoicePrinter 2.3 with Prawn 2.4 and Ruby 3.1

This past weekend I released a new version of InvoicePrinter, my Ruby library for generating PDF invoices. Here’s what’s new.

What is ActiveRecord becomes from Rails

Have you heard about the ActiveRecord becomes method from Rails? Maybe it’ll come handy one day.

Fixing an unresponsive gnome-software on Fedora

A short note on fixing an unresponsive GNOME Softwate application.

Cheaper Gumroad alternatives that handle European VAT for you

With the new Gumroad flat-rate fee, creators are starting to look for cheaper alternatives. Here are options that will handle EU VAT too.