Notes to self


Deploying Rails on a single server with Kamal

Here’s one way of a cloud-independent deployment of Rails, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, and Redis on single virtual server with Kamal.

Adding slugs to ActiveRecord models in Rails

Here’s how to implement a Sluggable module that turns an ActiveRecord model into one with a user-defined slug for nice page identifiers.

Marketing my book to 1000 sales

Here’s a simple list of what I was doing on my way to 1000 sales of my book and how much success I had with them.

Business Class 1.1 released with Paddle Billing, an improved CRUD generator, and new pricing

The Rails SaaS boilerplate Business Class goes 1.1. Here’s what’s new.

Overriding Rails engines models and controllers

If you’ve ever worked with a Rails engine, you might have come to a moment you needed to quickly override something. But do you know how to override the engine application files from within your Rails application?

by Josef Strzibny