Tailwind is an interesting concept, but I am not convinced yet

Tailwind 2 is all the rage now. With a beautiful landing page, promising productivity, and thousands of people swearing by it, could Tailwind be the future of front-end design? I am still not convinced.

The difference between passwd -l and passwd -d

There are two options for canceling a user password in Linux. You can either lock the password login or delete the password altogether. What implications do they have?

Passing SSL configuration to Hackney

If you depend on Erlang’s Hackney library or an Elixir HTTP library built on Hackney, changes are your SSL configuration is wrong.

A sudden Hackney SSL's unknown certificate authority error

A small report on how upgrading OTP to version 23 brought out unknown certificate authority errors when making requests from HTTP libraries based on Hackney.

Stop logging as root in 5 simple steps

Do you still manage your virtual servers with the root superuser? Here are five easy steps to stop using root right now.