Making 12factor Elixir/Phoenix releases

Elixir had a bad reputation for its deployment story due to the complex tooling and compile-time configuration preference. That is history now as we can easily make Elixir v1.11 releases with the runtime configuration to adhere to the 12factor style of deployment.

Download RPM packages locally with DNF

Sometimes, you only want to download RPM packages without installing them. This is now super easy with DNF.

DRY enums for Absinth macros

Absinth is a great GraphQL library for Elixir, but it brings a few challenges as it’s practically implemented using macros. One of these challenges is a DRY way of reusing enumerables in Absinth enums before v1.6.0.

Tailwind does not support pseudo-elements

This week I came across another tricky part of Tailwind, pseudo-elements. But what if you want to use them?

systemd user services and systemctl --user

Most users are familiar with the system-wide systemd services managed by the systemctl command. But systemd services can be made for and entirely controlled by regular unprivileged users.