Notes to self


I am selling the pre-release of my book

This was a long time coming. 2.5+ years in the making, still unfinished, but it had to go out!

Benchmarking programs with /usr/bin/time

If you ever used the time to measure the program’s execution, you might want to know how to improve your results by running with a higher process priority.

Puma graceful restarts

How to configure Puma 5 application server for graceful restarts, and what is the difference between regular, hot, and phased restarts?

Tailwind is an interesting concept, but I am not convinced yet

Tailwind 2 is all the rage now. With a beautiful landing page, promising productivity, and thousands of people swearing by it, could Tailwind be the future of front-end design? I am still not convinced.

The difference between passwd -l and passwd -d

There are two options for canceling a user password in Linux. You can either lock the password login or delete the password altogether. What implications do they have?

by Josef Strzibny