Transactional email providers for indie businesses

Most businesses need to send an email from time to time. Marketing platforms aside, what if you want to send it on your terms? Here’s a table comparing the common choices for starting businesses and indie makers.

Inserting content in the middle of a Jekyll post

Do you wish to insert content (such as advertisement or a link) right in the middle of the Jekyll page? We can do that by using the content as an array and a forloop. Here is how.

Secure Azure blobs pre-signing in Elixir

If you use Azure block storage, chances are you want to take advantage of a shared access signature (SAS), a feature usually known as pre-signing URLs. Shared access signatures allow you to share access to your blobs with a given time limit.

Migrating WordPress blog to Jekyll

This year I migrated my blog from the famous WordPress blogging platform to Jekyll static site generator. The main reasons were the handling of code snippets, simplicity, and security. I think that WordPress is fine, but my own time with WordPress is certainly up.

Installing Ruby with ruby-build and ruby-install

When you need a unified way to install CRuby and alternative Ruby implementations these days, it comes down to ruby-build and ruby-install. Is there a difference?