Notes to self


Inserting content in the middle of a Jekyll post

Do you wish to insert content (such as advertisement or a link) right in the middle of the Jekyll page? We can do that by using the content as an array and a forloop. Here is how.

Secure Azure blobs pre-signing in Elixir

If you use Azure block storage, chances are you want to take advantage of a shared access signature (SAS), a feature usually known as pre-signing URLs. Shared access signatures allow you to share access to your blobs with a given time limit.

Migrating WordPress blog to Jekyll

This year I migrated my blog from the famous WordPress blogging platform to Jekyll static site generator. The main reasons were the handling of code snippets, simplicity, and security. I think that WordPress is fine, but my own time with WordPress is certainly up.

Installing Ruby with ruby-build and ruby-install

When you need a unified way to install CRuby and alternative Ruby implementations these days, it comes down to ruby-build and ruby-install. Is there a difference?

Solving QEMU bridge helper "no such device" for virbr0

If you are running Vagrant on Fedora 32 or tried to spin up a virtual machine in another way, you might have encountered an annoying complaint about qemu-bridge-helper utility not finding virbr0.