How to avoid sleep in Rails system tests

Writing system tests can be sometimes tricky because we want to assert a reality that’s not yet rendered. Ad-hoc sleeping is something that can mostly address the problem, but it’s not the most elegant solution and should be avoided if possible.

One year of sales

A breakdown of selling 640 copies of my first product Deployment from Scratch.

gem-compare goes 1.0

It took forever, but gem-compare hits 1.0!

Rails restricted paths validator for URL slugs

When we move from model IDs to slugs, we have to pay attention to controller actions’ names collision.

Why and how to start with the system Ruby modular packages

Modular packages fixes the biggest complain of a single system Ruby package by giving you more options. Let’s see how to install different Ruby versions from modular packages in Fedora, CentOS Stream or Rocky Linux.