Notes to self

Business Class 1.5 with single-server Kamal deployments

Ever hoped for an affordable self-hosting without all the work? You might be in luck! After Stripe subscriptions and Framer-inspired blogging Business Class is getting its final piece of the puzzle.

Kamal deployments

Kamal is the new Capistrano for the container era. A simple tool you can understand in a day or two. Business Class takes advantage of this and comes with a complete single-server configuration and excellent docs to get you started.

Here’s how you to deploy a brand new Business Class application:

$ mkdir ~/my_app
$ tar -xf ~/Downloads/template.tar -C ~/my_app
$ bundle install
$ bin/replace ...
$ bin/replace ...
$ bin/replace reponame ...
$ bin/generate_dotenv
$ ./bin/provision
$ kamal setup

You only really need a virtual private server, domain name, and access to a Docker repository.

Most of the other things are done for you, including the generation of database passwords. You don’t even have to manually open config/deploy.yml file.

And the best part? The provisioning takes care about replacing root with a regular user, setting up a firewall, creating a swap space, or the right access rights for /storage volume.

PaaS deployments

PaaS is still a number one choice of how developers deploy today. Business Class documentation have tutorials on getting started with and Render since the very beggining. I intent to improve these guides so they are even better for anyone running Rails in production. But just maybe, give Kamal a try. I made it as easy as I could. And it’s always good to have a choice.

New website

Business Class is also getting a new website. Still half-baked, but already better. Have a look.

by Josef Strzibny