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How long will be CentOS Stream supported?

If you were like me, you had hard time finding how long exactly is the new CentOS Stream going to be supported. Carl George from the CentOS Project gave me the following answer.

Migrating CentOS 6, 7, and 8 to Oracle Linux

With CentOS Linux 8 announced dead by the end of 2021 and CentOS Stream being an entirely different release and support model, one wonders if it’s possible to switch to Oracle Linux.

Migrating CentOS 8 to CentOS Stream 8

The CentOS Project announced today an end to a classic CentOS Linux as you know it, ending an era of CentOS as a RHEL rebuild. CentOS 8 will continue as a Stream version that you should upgrade to before the end of 2021. Here’s how.

5 Phoenix open source projects to study

Phoenix is a mostly well-documented and easy-to-follow web framework. But if you never worked on an Elixir app before, you might need a little guidance in structuring your first application and see some Phoenix patterns in the wild. Here are 5 open source projects on GitHub to study.

Choosing Elixir version manager

Exenv, Kiex or ASDF? What’s the difference?