How I use Sublime Text 3 for publishing my Jekyll-based blog

Recently I migrated this very blog from WordPress to Jekyll. One question that inherently follows is how do I write my posts now? Of course, any Markdown editor would do, but I was quite happy to find out there is a Jekyll plugin for my favorite editor Sublime Text that easy the publication.

Using Elixir Language Server in Sublime Text 3

Elixir LS can bring us some IDE features to our editor of choice thanks to the Language Server Protocol (LSP). If you are like me, you prefer the speed and simplicity of Sublime Text. Let’s see how to compile Elixir Language Server and how to use it within Sublime Text 3 editor via LSP plugin on Fedora.

Ruby 2.7 pattern matching after 10 months of professional Elixir

As it’s a tradition, we got a new Ruby version on Christmas. This time we are getting pattern matching, a feature highly praised in other languages. After spending some time with Elixir last year I was curious how does Ruby’s pattern matching feel in the Ruby world and indeed how does it compare to Elixir’s?

GraphQL subscriptions with Elixir and Absinthe

Here are some notes on WebSockets-based Absinthe GraphQL subscriptions. A basic setup and familiarity with regular queries and mutations is assumed.

Making a Ruby executable with ruby-packer

You can make a single executable from your gem or even a Rails application. I just tried ruby-packer and it works as promised.