Deleting a problematic package on Fedora

What if we have a package that yum/dnf does not want to uninstall due to the broken dependencies or an uninstall scriptlets that won’t work?

Changing URLs in Jekyll

How to change pages’ URLs in Jekyll using a custom generator plugin.

Fast and painless NFS for your Vagrant environment

If you are using NFS with Vagrant you are probably tired of password prompts. But a few modifications to /etc/sudoers file can help you!

Running Vagrant with Docker provider without password prompts on Fedora

When you run Vagrant with Docker provider you find out that you need to prepend every command with sudo since that’s what would you do with running Docker commands directly. But chances are you don’t want to do that. In that case it’s enough to make calls to Docker commands password-less. Vagrant would then be able to use Docker without password prompts as well. To do so you just need add yourself to docker group. Here is how to do it on Fedora 22.

Working with Bundler from your Ruby code

Have you ever wanted to use Bundler’s internals in your codebase? Here is how how to start by creating your Gemfile.lock, locking the environment and reading back the locked dependencies.

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