Elixir and Phoenix after two years

Thoughts on the Elixir language and its Phoenix framework after two years of professional work.

InvoicePrinter 2.1 with Ruby 3 support

Ruby 3 was released three months ago, so it was a time to support it in InvoicePrinter, a pure Ruby library for generating PDF invoices.

Live previews with Rails and Stimulus 2

Who wouldn’t want a live preview for writing their great content? If you happen to be running Rails with Hotwire, it’s surprisingly easy with a small Stimulus controller.

Creating a ZIP file in Elixir

Creating ZIP files in Elixir is easy because of Erlang’s :zip module. Here’s how to create a ZIP archive both on disk and in memory.

Making 12factor Elixir/Phoenix releases

Elixir had a bad reputation for its deployment story due to the complex tooling and compile-time configuration preference. That is history now as we can easily make Elixir v1.11 releases with the runtime configuration to adhere to the 12factor style of deployment.